Which KPIs to follow to mesure the efficiency of your TV campaign?

To measure the efficiency of a diet, we are looking at the kilos lost. To measure the efficiency of a sports training, we talk in seconds gained. When we measure the efficiency of a date, we talk about exchanged numbers.

And to measure the efficiency of a TV campaign, we talk about KPI.

When following the most relevant KPI, you'll have a clearer idea of the ROI of your actions, of the extra efforts you should pull, of the different ways to optimize your future TV campaigns...

And since nobody has the same amount of kilos to lose, the same training to do, or the same date to attend, the best KPIs to pick to follow the performance of your TV campaign in digital are different for every TV advertiser.

  • More visibility, notoriety or performance
  • Branding or performancefocused TV campaigns
  • Drive to Web or Drive to App ...